The mobile app based on the MIB NFT  for both non-blockchain and blockchain users.


The Mibsphere is a little-known magical dimension of the universe that is responsible for dissipating Hex Rays, one of the building blocks of light energy. Hex Rays originate inside the Genesis Marbles that work harmoniously to balance the light waves and the electromagnetic radiation of the universe. But there is trouble!! The Genesis Marbles have been dissipated into the ether by an unknown force and are slowly being consumed by a dark matter called wei. The devastating effects are already being felt on Earth — global temperatures are rising, and light-thriving species like bees and butterflies have been steadily declining.



MIB TREK is not just about solving match 3 puzzles to get to another level and then another. There is an important mission to accomplish: Find the Genesis Marbles

There are currently 3 marbles placed in wallets in the Ethereum blockchain to be claimed. Each wallet also holds a 1 ETH prize. To find a genesis marble, you must decode the private key of the wallet that holds the marble. The clues to the private key are provided in the form of a scavenger hunt that takes you through 14 marble universes, each based on a specific MIB marble pattern — a blockchain attribute of varying scarcity.



The MIB TREK scavenger hunt is a unique experience of blending on and off chain functionality with the app. As you complete certain challenges, you will find:

•Crystal Missions — unique crystals that you have to fuse from other marbles using MIB FUSION

•Surprise Base (standard) Marbles — Mibs of the same pattern as your current universe that can be used to get ahead or sell to other players.

•Catalyst Marbles — a magical ingredient needed to fuse Crystals. These are ultra-scarce and only be won in-game or through tournaments.




The most unique feature of MIB TREK is the ability to fuse marbles together to create the crystals needed to decode the location of the Genesis marbles. With MIB FUSION, two or three marbles are fused into one! As you advance in the game you will be guided through the creation of:

•PRIME MARBLES — created when two Base Marbles are fused together

•CRYSTALS — The first-level clue to decode the private key

•CREATOR MARBLES — when 3 crystals are fused together and its the second-level clue to the decode the private key.




MIB TREK is played off-chain, but on-chain players experience additional benefits from the MIB assets they own in the form of boosters and increased options for acquiring marbles on the web. The booster powers of on-chain marbles are recurring as they re-set in each marble universe

There are three boosters that you can trigger after you have started playing each puzzle: extra moves, singles swaps, and hammers.


You can also trigger area bombs, bombs, and zappers before you start a puzzle. They will randomly spawn in your puzzle when it starts


If you are one of the Mib Grandmasters, your Grandmaster Marble grants one of each of the 6 boosters described above, recurring in each universe.


You can make in-game purchases using Tickets or with fiat currency through Google Play. These purchases include additional Tickets, booster deals (one-time use, not recurring), and off-chain marbles. You are rewarded one Ticket per point you go over and above the target score of each puzzle. You can also earn Tickets and Booster Rewards for daily logins . You can maximize your rewards with a 7-day login streak.



Aside from the ultimate prize, there are additional ways for Mibsters to earn as they play MibTrek:

•Collect and sell marbles that provide booster powers

•Create and sell Prime marbles

•Find and sell Catalyst marbles

•Complete Crystal Missions and sell these as finished Crystals or Boosters

•Actively monitor offers on CryptoMibs and counteract with better offers



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