Your digital arcade based on marbles


CryptoMibs is the reboot of marble video games — arcade style. You can play marble games AND you can buy buy/sell/trade your online marbles just like the real thing. Each Mib has its own unique gaming and collecting attributes that you can use to tailor your own experience for what is important to you: winning, collecting cool digital art, or both!

Marble experts will tell you that a MIB is a “marble in play”, and if you play with marbles you are a Mibster. This explains the Mibs in our name. And what about the crypto in CryptoMibs? Simple — you have the option of using cryptocurrency to buy and trade your marbles, if that’s what you are into.

There are 4 main components to the CryptoMibs platfom:


We have several games in the arcade and we are constantly adding more. The marbles that you own give you lives to play each game, and some Mibs grant you booster powers. (Hint: get a Llamacorn marble!)

As part of the arcade, you can earn tickets (our in-game currency) by beating levels in each game and by staying at the top of the overall and weekly Leader-boards. You can also take part in tournaments for some pretty amazing prizes! At the time of this article we are running a MIBJET TOURNAMENT with 3 prizes of 1 ETH. You can check out all this activity in the Leader-board section of our website.


If you are a collector at heart, CrytoMibs offers endless opportunities to collect and own unique digital art. We have a sophisticated MARKETPLACE where you can buy, sell, and bid for all kinds of marbles. You can use our in-game currency (tickets), regular money, or cryptocurrency — your choice. Independent artists can submit their own marble designs, and, in the future, we are planning to host marble art competitions!


We fully understand that many Mibsters want Mibs that reflect their personality. That’s why we created MIB FACTORY, where you can forge and fuse your own marbles. The FORGER allows you to create marbles using digital art from other games and stock images, while FUSION allows you to create your own unique color combinations my melting two marbles together. We have big plans for Mib Factory so the fun in just beginning!


CryptoMibs is leading the way into the future of gaming — where you can port your digital assets across games. If you own assets from other crypto games such as CryptoKitties or Blockchaincuties, you can port them into CryptoMibs games by forging them into marbles! How cool is that??? These cross-gaming marbles can get you booster powers in the arcade, or give you access to custom version of our games in the Mibsphere — our version of the metaverse.

We also offer a cross-gaming marketplace. In the TRADING STORE you can trade-in assets from other games for tickets and in the REWARDS STORE you can use your tickets to pick up a digital asset from another game.


CryptoMibs is the new world of digital marble games with something for everyone. Play games, collect marbles, create your own marbles, and explore the new gaming frontier by porting your assets across games. We have it all! Future posts will give you more insight into all aspects of CryptoMibs, so stay tuned! We look forward to sharing our love for gaming and marbles with you and we hope you will join us as as part of our Mibster Family.